Having security dogs is a practical and cost-effective approach to providing additional security in a variety of situations. Dog unit security are quite valuable for any site requirement and provide a distinct outlook when utilised for security. Humans see life mostly via sight, however, dogs use their sense of smell to detect and pick up anything.

Dog unit security involves using the services of well-trained security dogs and security guards, for security purposes. Dog unit security is a very efficient deterrent for all criminals and their actions. The sole presence of security dogs can lower the number of security guards needed for a variety of locations, as intruders are typically deterred by the presence of dogs that are publicly promoted. 

Hiring the service of a dog unit security may also be for a one-time event or as part of a longer-term security solution, as they have expertise in dealing with both large and small enterprises. Body cams can be worn by security dogs’ handlers, to provide live broadcasts of activities taking place in real-time. 

Accordingly, County Security is a specialist in deploying trained and accredited dog unit security nationwide. This deployment is to a wide range of clients, which include; construction sites, vacant properties, residential properties, commercial properties etc. With this, the benefit of using the service of dog unit security is enormous.

Increased Effectiveness

The mere sight of security dogs and security guards together has strong effectiveness in securing a location. Whether the location is occupied by people or not, this acts as a strong deterrent to criminal activity. Having dog unit security on-site can minimise the requirement for several security guards at one location. As a result, you can spread out your security guards more efficiently.


Using a dog unit security service is less expensive than other security choices. This leads to a reduction in the security budget, which saves you some money. In addition, dog unit security reduces crime, which lowers insurance excesses. It is also worth noting that dog unit security comes with its own specially designed transportation, making them much more mobile.

Sensing Issues Ahead of Time

Although CCTV is an excellent security option, it is far less effective than dog unit security, because the security alert only goes off when there is a threat. Whereas, security dogs can identify danger ahead of time using their acute sixth sense, as well as their sense of hearing and smell. The duty of security guards in situations like this is to organise and protect the people on-site in the best possible way to deal with such a situation.


County Security dogs are trained to be friendly and loyal to our clients, but they are also trained to make both auditory and visual signs when they detect a threat. Dogs are extremely devoted to their owners. They are unable to be bribed and are quite active. Security dogs tandem security guards are the ideal security solution for any purpose because of this.


If the service of a dog unit security is something you are interested in, do not hesitate to get in contact with County Security today!

At County UK, we make sure that none of our security guards overstep the line and only act as protection against harmful substances, harmful people and bad situations. What security guards can and can’t do is well known and understood by our security guards and our services are carried out in the most professional manner possible.


If you’re going to an event or need security for an event you’re putting on and want to know what security guards can and can’t do, we’ve put together a short guide. We are transparent about the service that we offer and are proud to boast the finest security guards. 


It is a sensible move to ensure that your clients can enjoy themself without the fear of injury or theft, which is surprisingly common at large events. If you are looking for security services, get in touch with County security UK.


What security guards can and can’t do


What security guards can do

Citizens arrest


Technically, any member of the public can perform a citizen’s arrest, as long as it is clear that someone is guilty, or you have a reasonable explanation of suspecting the person involved to be guilty. Security guards are properly trained and know and understand all the legalisation behind this and understand that police officers are the only people who can take a citizen’s arrest further.


Security guards can request a physical search


If you are entering a venue, security guards are legally allowed to request a physical search of your possessions carried with you and on your person before you enter the venue. They are also able to request a physical search of you and your belongings when you’re leaving and entering a shop on any grounds, more so if they can provide a reason of suspicion that you’ve stolen something. If you oppose letting them search you, security guards are allowed to stop you from getting into a venue or detain you at the scene if there are grounds of suspicion that you have committed an offence. A security guard can only request to do a physical search; if you don’t want to do it, they can detain you until police officers arrive.


What guards can’t do


Security guards cannot use brutal force


Unless the suspect resists, physical acts of enforcement should not be used at all. As well as this, guards should not use any additional force after the suspect has been restrained. Until police get to the scene and investigate it in more detail, the suspect should not receive any brutal force. None aggressive restraint should be used until the police get to the scene.

Security guards cannot carry a weapon


Just the same as the general public, security guards cannot hold weapons. Even something like pepper spray is a definite no. Even in cases where a weapon is not used to cause harm, it can still be used to cause fear which security guards cannot use as a deterrent.


For what reason can you be detained by a security guard?


The complexity of what security guards can and can’t do means there is confusion over what reasons you can be detained. Here are some following examples:


  • They must witness or have a reasonable explanation to believe that a person has committed a crime.
  • They have reason to believe or have witnessed an individual being in the middle of a criminal offence.
  • To protect a person from causing harm to themselves or others.
  • To prevent a person from damaging property.
  • To not let someone leave the scene before an officer arrives to take over.

Thank you for reading our blog ‘What security guards can and can’t do’. If you are looking to hire security guards or need other security services put into place, get in touch with County Security UK today.

The Legalities of CCTV Towers


Currently, there are 5.2 million CCTV cameras scattered around the UK, watching the public at all times. 96% of those cameras are privately owned by businesses and homeowners, with the main purpose of protecting their property. However, before CCTV can be installed, there are certain legal requirements that must be met. These requirements can differ depending on whether your CCTV is privately or publicly owned.

CCTV towers often cover a much larger area, with cameras located to capture a 360 view. Because of this, the installation of CCTV towers comes with rules and regulations for both public and private use. 

Public use

The implementation of CCTV in public areas is relatively easy to do. Permission to do so is only needed if the building you’re installing it on, is a listed building. In the case of CCTV towers, which are often free-standing, this is a regulation you most likely won’t need to concern yourself with. However, permission is required for CCTV if the tower and housing of it is greater than 75cm x 25cm x 25cm. If the tower is being placed in an area of conservation, it is always best to check with local planning authorities before installing a CCTV tower

Placing CCTV towers in public areas also requires clear signage, stating the CCTV is in operation. This informs members of the public that they may be being filmed, and therefore is not a breach of their rights. The footage captured by these CCTV towers must only be used for security purposes, and distributing the footage out to third parties is an unlawful act. 

Private use

It is perfectly legal to install CCTV for private use, as the most common reason is to protect one’s property against theft and criminal damage. Your CCTV can cover your property and land without issue. 

If your CCTV or CCTV tower captures footage outside the boundaries of your property, such as other homes, driveways or land, then you will be subject to GDPR guidelines and the Data Protection Act 2018. Whilst having this type of CCTV coverage is not illegal, you have to ensure your CCTV complies with both these laws. This footage must be protected and cannot be accessed without a valid reason. Any footage captured by those outside the boundaries of your premises can be deleted upon their request. 

You do not need planning permission for CCTV towers if the dimensions do not exceed 4m in height. Any larger fixtures will need permission from the local council before being installed. 


Additional legal requirements

Sound or conversations cannot be recorded by CCTV, as it is illegal to record conversations without knowledge or permission from the individuals. Audio CCTV is also much more expensive than just visual, which is why almost all CCTV cameras do not record sound. 

If CCTV towers are installed by a business, someone must be named a CCTV operator. This individual is responsible for all footage captured by CCTV, deciding what should be captured and how it should be used. Should footage need to be accessed by a third party, such as law enforcement, the CCTV operator is in charge of handing over the required footage to this party within 40 days. 

If you are interested in installing a CCTV tower for either public or private use, contact County Security for a CCTV tower quote. Our towers are up to 75% cheaper than the usual Security Guard service, with a higher standard of quality. Visit our CCTV Towers service page for more information.

The concept of sniffer dogs has been around longer than you think, with detection dogs used by British forces in World War 2 to identify explosives. Police dogs have been used for well over 100 years, and bloodhounds even accompanied police forces in the search for Jack the Ripper in 1888. UK Police, Military forces and security teams have mastered the use of dogs for detection purposes, with the standard of training increasing over the years. Training techniques have been developed and refined, and skilled dogs are always getting better at drug detection. 


What they can smell

Sniffer dogs can smell a wide range of substances, from cannabis to heroin, to ketamine and MDMA. They are trained to identify illegal odours that emit from certain drugs. Whilst most sniffer dogs are trained to detect hard drugs, like cocaine, heroin and ecstasy, they also have the ability to detect lower-class drugs and pills. 

The list of substances that dogs can detect is always increasing in size. Currently, County Security UK’s search and detection dogs can smell: 

  • MDMA – This drug is short for 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine.
  • Ketamine – An anaesthetic drug used in both medical and veterinary practises. 
  • Marijuana – Or Weed, Cannabis and Pot. 
  • Heroin – This is an opioid known for its euphoric effects. 
  • Cocaine HCL – Or Cocaine Hydrochloride.
  • Crack Cocaine – This derivative is cocaine mixed with water and another substance, often sodium bicarbonate.
  • Ecstasy – Also known as Molly and MDMA. 
  • Methamphetamines – The three main forms of methamphetamines are: crystalline, powder and base. 
  • Opioids – Examples include: Codeine, Morphine, Oxycodone and Heroin.
  • K2 – Also referred to as Spice.
  • Xanax – Used to treat anxiety and panic disorders. 
  • Adderall – A stimulant that can increase focus and/or concentration.
  • Crystal Meth – A methamphetamine that is highly addictive to the consumer. 
  • LSD – Short for Lysergic Acid Diethylamide.
  • Fentanyl – A type of opioid used for pain killing purposes. 
  • Amphetamine – These are used to treat ADHD, Narcolepsy and Obesity. 

As well as other over-the-counter and prescription drugs. Detection dogs are trained to identify these substances and their derivatives, protecting a specific area from illegal drugs. Their sense of smell is 40 times that of humans, and given their high intellect they can be easily trained to detect and identify certain odours. 


How they’re trained

Detection dogs begin training when they are still a puppy, around 6 to 8 weeks depending on the determination of the dog. Certain puppies will be identified in a litter and chosen by security, military and police forces for a specific purpose. It soon becomes clear which dogs aren’t suited to the detection lifestyle. 

From there, puppies are taught with a reward system, awarded with a treat or toy whenever they successfully detect the presence of drugs. That scent is then associated with a treat and dogs will happily seek out drugs or other substances. Trainers must be given licensing and certification by law enforcement agencies if they wish to use small samples of drugs during training, but can use alternatives that mimic the scent of various drugs. 

Sniffer dogs are trained to alert in two different ways, passively and aggressively. The former refers to a dog lying or sitting down once it has identified a scent, while the latter consists of a sniffer dog pawing or digging at the spot without damaging personal property. Passive alerts are more commonly used by handlers, as they pose less of a threat to property and possessions. 

County Security UK provides an exceptional search and detection dog service, with a team of professional and experienced handlers we can help you with your security needs. Get in touch with us today for more information on our services, or visit our Search & Detection Dog page. 

What is Key Holding?

what is key holding

Keyholding is a service offered by security companies such as ourselves, whereby we hold a set of keys (in a secure location) to be used in the event of a security breach on your commercial premises. It offers the client peace of mind knowing that their security is being handled by professional and reliable security personnel. This, as you can imagine, has a wide range of benefits to any business, and that’s what we’ll be exploring in more detail below.

Some smaller businesses might be fine with having a trusted member of staff (typically a manager) who holds the keys and is responsible for responding to emergencies or security breaches. While this works for small shops or offices, larger companies will need a more secure and reliable key holding solution. That’s where our key holding and alarm response service comes in.

County UK’s key holding service offers you complete peace of mind when it comes to your business premises. In the event of an emergency or break-in, you can depend on a high-quality and well-trained officer to arrive immediately on-site, whatever time of day or night it might be. That means, if at four in the morning an emergency occurs, you’re not forcing a member of staff to respond: you’re leaving it to a security professional.

key holding


Why Your Business Needs a Key Holding Service

1. The keyholder takes the responsibility

If you own the business, you’ll likely be the main key holder. Do you want the hassle and stress of being woken up in the middle on the night to learn that your alarm has gone off, only to arrive at the business premises and see it was a false alarm?

Or even worse, would you want to arrive at your business alone at night if there is an intruder present?

Leave this to the trained experts with a professional key holding service.

2. Key holders are always available

Are you available and able to respond to emergencies at all times of the day and night? Even if you have a secondary member of staff with keys, there is no guarantee that they will be available at all times.

On the other hand, professional key holders will be always available no matter what the time is and they will respond to emergencies 24/7.

3. Key holders know proper security procedures

Trained key holders know exactly how to act in the event of an emergency or security breach. They will handle the situation properly so you can rest assured that your commercial premises and belongings are in safe hands.

4. Key holders have technical knowledge & experience

False alarms are not uncommon. It might be that there’s a technical problem in the alarm system. Professional key holders will know how to fix the issue and will be able to reset the alarm system, thereby reducing unnecessary stress and saving time.

5. Key holders are reliable

How easy is it to lose a set of keys? The truth is that keys go missing all the time so even if left with a trusted employee, can you rely on them 100% not to lose the spare key?

As part of our key holding service we’ll keep your keys protected in a highly secure off-site location, so you don’t need to worry about losing them or having them stolen.

County Security Professional Key Holders

County UK are a nationwide Key Holding & Alarm Response service provider. By Utilising our Key Holing & Alarm Response services you are ensuring that you have SIA Licenced Key Holders with expert knowledge and experience within the Key Holding & Alarm Response market. Our Key Holding & Alarm Response services are provided at a fixed Fee competitive rate, so you can be sure whatever your budget, your asset will remain protected with our Key Holding & Alarm Response Service.


security dog and security guard

Security Dogs Vs Security Guards

Security dogs and security guards are both highly effective in different situations for protecting buildings, large crowds, businesses, events and much more. There are some things that highly trained security dogs can do that highly trained security guards can’t. And there are other scenarios where a security guard would be more beneficial. Choosing which one you need can be difficult if you’re not sure what each excel at. This article should help you with your decision as to whether you need security dogs or security guards in order to meet your security needs. 

Drug Detection

When it comes to drug detection, sniffer dogs cannot be beaten. People will always feel uncomfortable being searched by another person, even if they’re not guilty of hiding anything illegal. The simple act of physical inspection is made complicated due to certain laws and many take a dislike to authority figures carrying out physical searches (especially if a crime hasn’t already taken place). 

A security dog, however, can detect drugs by smell alone; bypassing the need to pat people down altogether. This makes drug detection faster, more accurate, and less likely to cause offense to the many people that they search. Someone might be able to hide a lump of powder or pills where a security guard won’t or can’t reach, but it is very difficult to hide narcotics from a dog’s nose which is highly sensitive.

Just seeing a security dog and handler could make some people carrying prohibited drugs leave the scene, too. The unpredictability of the dog might make them less confident to try and get away with something that they previously might have attempted if there was just a human on duty; you can always try and reason with a person, after all.

Event Security 

For event security, a combination of security dogs and guards might be appropriate. Dogs may have an incredibly heightened sense of smell, but they’re still no match for humans in a battle of brains. Sitting, rolling and playing dead are good party tricks but don’t offer much when complicated decisions need to be made with large crowds. 

Take a night club for example – There may be a guest list where nobody else is permitted to come in. In this case you’ll need security guards on the door. If there are dogs there as well, you’ll also need security guards there to handle them too. It is now against the law for an unmanned security dog to be on site.

Handling Aggression

You’ll notice that offenders act a lot less aggressively when they are around a dog and their handler; they know that these specialist dogs are trained to strike if there is a threat of violence. The sheer presence of a trained security dog is usually enough to stop people from getting aggressive. If, despite the dog’s presence, somebody still chooses to be aggressive, they’ll quickly face the consequences of this. 

Using security dogs alongside security guards could vastly cut down on the amount of aggression you face in the line of work. If for example you need security for an event, you can reduce the likelihood of aggressive offenders with security dogs, creating a nicer environment for customers and staff.


One area in which dogs are perhaps a little lacking, is clear communication. Being able to communicate with other guards can be important to maintaining control over a large area and when organising large crowds.

While dogs can act on certain commands when taught them, a comprehensive two-way conversation is beyond the four-legged animals. Dogs can follow simple instructions, but in situations where complex communication in regard between a team, security guards can’t be replaced. 

County Security

County Security UK are specialists in supplying security guards and security dogs for all purposes. By utilising County you are ensuring that you have experts with heaps of experience in operating within the commercial and events sector. Our K9 security and security guard services are provided at a fixed fee competitive rate, so we can cater to your budget.

If you’d like to discuss security for an upcoming occasion, please reach out to our team.



It is thought that a dog’s nose is up to 10,000 times more sensitive to smells than an average human nose. The sense of smell is a dog’s most dominant sense, followed by hearing and sight. This makes them extremely effective for drug detection purposes in large crowds, where people may be trying to conceal illegal substances that would otherwise be undetectable to security/police.

How does a sniffer dog detect drugs?

Sniffer dogs have absolutely no interest in the drugs themselves. What they’re actually searching for is their favourite toy. The way they are trained means that they associate a certain toy with the small of drugs – Their natural instinct is to hunt and seek out whatever they’ve been trained to find.

If well managed and trained sniffer dogs are intensely loyal, creating strong bonds with their handlers. They are obedient, respond well to training and can work in intensely stressful environments.

While a sniffer dog is on a drug search, he can cover a large area very quickly. It would take human officers 10 times as long, if not longer, to search the same area. Even still, they wouldn’t find what a sniffer dog would find if the drugs were well hidden (which they typically are!)

As an example of how great sniffer dogs are at detecting drugs, back in 2002, a drugs dog foiled a woman’s attempt to smuggle marijuana into a prison in Brisbane, Australia. The marijuana had been inserted into a balloon, which was smeared with coffee, pepper, and petroleum jelly and then placed in her bra.

How are sniffer dogs trained?

Sniffer dogs are excellent at their jobs but they do take some training to get to this high level of accuracy. During the early stages of training a sniffer dog will receive a reward when it displays any form of recognition of the target scent. As the dog’s skills progress the reward will only be given when the dog responds with the correct reaction (e.g. sit, stand, stare, down, bark, etc…).

Canine Sniffer dogs and their handlers undergo extensive training for months in order to be certified and are successful because of their ability to work as a team. They will carry out testing and retraining throughout their entire careers to ensure their skills are reliable and up to standard. (Dogs typically stay assigned to the handler they were trained with and the team get re-tested together)

Drug detection dogs can be used for a range of operations and assignments including but not limited to; Airports, Marine applications, Media solutions, Hospitals and mental health facilities together with schools, colleges and universities, events, prisons, businesses and homes, who all see the benefits of using sniffer dogs for tighter security measures. They can be used to detect drugs on individuals, within buildings, open areas and vehicles.

County Security UK

County UK are specialists in providing sniffer dogs for all of your security needs. By utilising County you are ensuring that you have SIA licensed sniffer dog handlers with expert knowledge and experience in handling large crowds. Our sniffer dog services are provided at a fixed fee competitive rate.

If you’d like to learn more about our search and detection dog services, get in touch with our team today.


What is Event Security?

Date:11 Feb, 2021
Written by : Admin

A good event security team will also help reduce the risk of damage to the venue.

If your event is likely to attract a significant crowd, you’ll need a basic event safety plan in place to handle them. Event security isn’t just for big concerts and festivals, it is a way to keep guests and staff safe at parties and gatherings. A good event security team will also help reduce the risk of damage to the venue, keeping those all-important costs down.

Special events come in all shapes and sizes and some need higher levels of security than others. An example of a low profile special event would be one held in a hotel, with little advertising and admission by invitation only. This sort of event would only need a small amount of security. On the other hand, with a high-profile event, the location will make all the difference. There is a world of difference between holding an event in a hotel with a limited number of access points, to a park where the public can come in and out at will.

How much security do you need at your event?

The amount of security you require will completely depend on the type of event you’re planning, but it should be taken into consideration for any occasion where large crowds will gather.

As a general rule to follow, at least one security guard should be hired for every 10 guests. Numbers will however vary depending on the type of crowd you’re expecting. For example, sports fans are typically prone to emotional outbursts which sometimes spill over into violence, especially when alcohol is involved. Delegates at a business event on the other hand, are unlikely to cause much trouble. Special security firms can provide a large amount of event security staff, but they’ll need to know how many event attendees you’ll have.

What type of security do you need?

In most cases, it’s fine to hire security at events to simply guard entrances and keep an eye on your guests. But some occasions present higher risks than others, and may require specialist security forces to protect parts of the venue. For instance, protesters might show up if you’ve invited a speaker known for having controversial views. Thinking about this beforehand will allow you to place enough security outside to keep unwanted individuals from gatecrashing your event.

Bag Checking

Bag checking has become an important part of event security. Setting up a bag check station after the registration desk will reduce the risk of people bringing weapons into your venue. As well as looking for knives, guns, and glass bottles, ask security to check for alcohol. Inebriated guests can be a hazard to themselves and others, and it’s much easier to keep an eye on what people are drinking if they have to go to the bar.

County Security UK

County Security UK are specialists in event security services for all of your security needs. By utilising County you are ensuring that you have experts with heaps of experience in operating within the events sector. Our event security methods are provided at a fixed fee competitive rate, so you can be sure that whatever your budget, your event will remain secure.

If you’d like to discuss event security for an upcoming occasion, please reach out to our team.

Why Are Dogs Great For Security?

Date:11 Feb, 2021
Written by : Admin

A good event security team will also help reduce the risk of damage to the venue.


They say that a dog is a man’s best friend and that is certainly true for security guards. Security dogs have proved to be a failsafe option for a long time, and will continue to do so. They are highly effective when it comes to securing premises and controlling people, as well as providing a number of health and wellbeing benefits to their owners.

Dogs have much quicker reactions than humans

There’s no denying a dog’s ability to react quickly which can prove particularly useful if they are working dogs in the security field, especially if you choose the right kind of dog. While all dogs are known to have quick reactions of barking or snooping to see who’s around, there are certain breeds that are infamous for their protective qualities.

These breeds of dogs have the ability to provide an extra element of security along with a guard. A dog’s natural curiosity means that any strangers, unusual noises or movements will be immediately sniffed out and barked at if necessary. The right breed can be incredibly reliable and intelligent enough to evaluate situations properly.

Dogs provide a physical threat to deter criminals

Even if it is a case of the dog having a bark worse than its bite, dogs still provide a threat of physical harm. In most cases, this threat alone is enough to deter criminals, before any conflict even takes place. This is due to a combination of an intimidating blend of growls, strong jaws and sharp claws. Criminals won’t be able to differentiate between a guard dog that’s ‘all talk’ and a guard dog that will bite or attack, so will naturally assume the latter. Being chased by a security dog is undoubtedly a terrifying experience.

Due to the threat of physical harm, dogs act as effective deterrents to criminals. Not only do these dogs look and sound quite intimidating, but trained security dogs are also fit enough to out-run most people. There’s very little point in attempting to run away from a security dog as this will only enhance their suspicions and perhaps their aggression, and they will run faster. Take our word for it, it’s a race that you can’t win!

Dogs are inherently loyal

They’re not called man’s best friend for nothing; dogs are incredibly loyal creatures, which is why they are such popular house pets as well as guard animals. With this loyalty, comes a protective quality – a combination that is rarely matched in other animal species.

Dogs are great for personal security and property security, as well as detection thanks to their extraordinary sense of smell. There’s no doubt that they make fantastic companions for pet owners and security guards alike.

Dogs are highly intelligent

Dogs are extremely intelligent animals. They are able to pick up on voices and body languages to translate a situation or emotion, and are even more capable when they’ve been trained properly.

They put this skill of theirs to highly effective use, and are able to sense when things are not quite right, whether with a person or with a situation. Dogs can detect danger, and the breeds that are chosen to be security dogs aren’t afraid to do something about it.

County Security Dogs

County UK are specialists in providing security guard dogs for all of your security needs. By utilising County you are ensuring that you have SIA licensed security dog handlers with expert knowledge and experience in operating within the commercial property sector. Our security dog services are provided at a fixed fee competitive rate, so you can be sure that whatever your budget, your property will remain secure.

If you’d like to learn more about our security dog services, get in touch with our team today.

8 Benefits of Mobile Security Patrols

Date:05 August, 2020
Written by : Admin

A good event security team will also help reduce the risk of damage to the venue.

Operating a successful business is an amazing feat. Unfortunately, potential criminal activity can be around the corner and any business can be a target. Securing your property with versatile methods, such as mobile security patrols can practically nullify potential threats. Mobile security patrols are becoming an increasingly popular and effective way of securing business premises by offering the advantages of having a physical and responsive presence, unlike that of a security camera or alarm.

When hiring a mobile security patrol for your business, choose a security services company that equips their mobile patrols with the latest security software technology for real-time situational awareness. Patrols can scan checkpoints and submit incident reports with pictures and video directly from their mobile devices. At County, our mobile patrol officers are highly trained to search for potential tampering, especially entry points.

1. Surveillance of Multiple Locations

Patrol officers can patrol on foot, by bike, or by car, which means that they can monitor multiple areas during a shift. Through consistent rotations, they can keep an eye on several areas and help ensure that the premises are secure. Whether on foot or in a car, patrol officers can cover ground quickly, get to an emergency in plenty of time to avoid any alarm violations, and potentially catch criminals in the act.

2. Visibly Deter Potential Crime

Patrolling officers in uniforms or in marked cars can be recognised from a distance. This helps people visually recognise and understand that there is security present and acts as a warning to anyone considering committing a crime. The hands-on approach of having someone who is dedicated to the safety and security of an area can be considered a disincentive for criminal activity.

3. Perform a Range of Security Checks

Patrol officers can carry out a wide range of security checks. Not only can they monitor and respond to alarms, but security officers can also carry out exterior patrols in places which may not be visible by cameras. They can also ensure that everything is locked up and secured by properly inspecting doors and windows. Mobile security patrols can be contracted to perform any number of patrols, or property checks, day or night.

4. Key Holding and Alarm Response Services

If an alarm goes off on your premises, as a property keyholder, you must be able to get to your premises within 20 minutes to resolve any alarm issues. Failing to do so on more than three occasions may result in the police ignoring future alarms and your alarm will be regarded as a nuisance. County has a full team dedicated to this method of security.

5. Mitigate Future Threats with Security Patrol Software

While mobile patrols can rapidly respond to unlawful activity at your premises, it isn’t enough to merely respond to security threats and other incidents as they come up. In the end, the goal should be to implement strategies that mitigate threats and prevent future incidents altogether. Consider equipping your mobile patrol officers with security patrol software. By implementing the latest technologies to analyse trends and gain new insights, your business is in a far better position to prepare for the future.

6. Perform a Range of Security Checks

Regardless of the industry or type of business, security is an essential part of keeping your property safe. Some may assume that certain types of businesses may not be a target for criminal activity, but we believe each and every business needs protection.

7. Drive Actionable Insight with Data

By using a security patrol software platform to collect and analyse data on past incidents, it becomes much easier to plan for the future. The areas that have seen the highest number of incidents should naturally have their security needs addressed first. A closer look at the types of incidents that have affected the premises should have a direct impact on threat mitigation planning. This is an extremely popular method for businesses that launch events, carnivals and celebrations.

8. Peace of Mind.

Last but certainly not least, peace of mind. Knowing that you have protected your business with a prestigious security agency, such as County can put you entirely at ease. Our professionals strive to protect and secure the premises for each of our clients. Contact our specialists today to enquire about our mobile security patrols, or gain information about the other services at your disposal.