County are one of the United Kingdom’s leading security providers, we are well renowned for our quality of service.

Being such a highly competitive industry, there is no margin for error, hence why
we remain as one of the most trustworthy sources for security solutions in the UK

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Our core values


Our team’s strength is unmatched. Working as a unit, we provide our renowned high quality service. We are passionate about providing a high level of service to our clients


Constantly evolving, the security services we provide are under continuous advancement. As technology progresses through the industry, so do we. We make sure all our staff are up to date on the latest news within the industry sector.


At County, we pride ourselves on our trustworthy approach, as this is what clients expect from us. This comes from years of service within the industry, gaining valuable knowledge and expertise. Our proven track record of providing a high quality service has been paramount to our success throughout the security industry

Our staff values


We aim to communicate well with each of our clients, coming to an agreement on your needs and how we can provide the best security service. We are client-focused and have a versatile approach within the security sector


We believe that our most important asset is our staff and for this we are always seeking the very best candidates. To recruit the best personnel we offer attractive rates of pay, benefits and genuine incentive for staff, as well focusing on their passion for the sector.


We always nurture our staff and give them better opportunities to develop their skills and knowledge so that they may develop a successful career in the security industry.

Our mission statement

County operate nationwide providing effective Security Solutions

Accreditations & Membership

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