Having security dogs is a practical and cost-effective approach to providing additional security in a variety of situations. Dog unit security are quite valuable for any site requirement and provide a distinct outlook when utilised for security. Humans see life mostly via sight, however, dogs use their sense of smell to detect and pick up anything.

Dog unit security involves using the services of well-trained security dogs and security guards, for security purposes. Dog unit security is a very efficient deterrent for all criminals and their actions. The sole presence of security dogs can lower the number of security guards needed for a variety of locations, as intruders are typically deterred by the presence of dogs that are publicly promoted. 

Hiring the service of a dog unit security may also be for a one-time event or as part of a longer-term security solution, as they have expertise in dealing with both large and small enterprises. Body cams can be worn by security dogs’ handlers, to provide live broadcasts of activities taking place in real-time. 

Accordingly, County Security is a specialist in deploying trained and accredited dog unit security nationwide. This deployment is to a wide range of clients, which include; construction sites, vacant properties, residential properties, commercial properties etc. With this, the benefit of using the service of dog unit security is enormous.

Increased Effectiveness

The mere sight of security dogs and security guards together has strong effectiveness in securing a location. Whether the location is occupied by people or not, this acts as a strong deterrent to criminal activity. Having dog unit security on-site can minimise the requirement for several security guards at one location. As a result, you can spread out your security guards more efficiently.


Using a dog unit security service is less expensive than other security choices. This leads to a reduction in the security budget, which saves you some money. In addition, dog unit security reduces crime, which lowers insurance excesses. It is also worth noting that dog unit security comes with its own specially designed transportation, making them much more mobile.

Sensing Issues Ahead of Time

Although CCTV is an excellent security option, it is far less effective than dog unit security, because the security alert only goes off when there is a threat. Whereas, security dogs can identify danger ahead of time using their acute sixth sense, as well as their sense of hearing and smell. The duty of security guards in situations like this is to organise and protect the people on-site in the best possible way to deal with such a situation.


County Security dogs are trained to be friendly and loyal to our clients, but they are also trained to make both auditory and visual signs when they detect a threat. Dogs are extremely devoted to their owners. They are unable to be bribed and are quite active. Security dogs tandem security guards are the ideal security solution for any purpose because of this.


If the service of a dog unit security is something you are interested in, do not hesitate to get in contact with County Security today!

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