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Would your business benefit from a CCTV tower? Is your business located in Location? At County, we know the benefits of a well thought out and effective security system. Using a CCTV tower can be a cost-effective means of security without compromising protection. Our CCTV towers operate within the commercial or residential sector and ensure your property stays protected. With this added security feature, you can have peace of mind that our eyes will be helping you protect your Location business. If our CCTV tower sounds like it could be beneficial to you and your business in Location then get in touch with our Location team today. You can call us on 01355906300 or fill in a contact form.

What Does a CCTV Tower Do?

Our CCTV towers are designed to provide effective CCTV monitoring in a variety of different environments. Our cameras are fully equipped with all the features that you would expect when it comes to security. Our CCTV tower can be stand-alone or con­nect­ed to multiple CCTV towers to give your Location site full protection. No matter where your Location business is located, our robust CCTV towers can handle any challenge. They can be added and moved to the most efficient area of your business to maximise its security.

A great advantage of our CCTV towers is, that they are able to be installed at your Location business premises within a number of hours. This ensures that your business can be protected right away. This method of security can be highly beneficial and deliver significant reductions in cost, time, emissions, and health and safety risks.

CCTV Tower Benefits

24/7 security in any condition – Our cameras are robust for all adverse weather

Large Site areas are covered – We are able to extendable the CCTV tower for a larger range of the field of view

A highly visible deterrent for criminal activity – With the sheer size of our CCTV towers, it is a made very clear to would-be criminals that there is security in place

Can be powered by batteries, so no cables – This enables the CCTV towers to be placed in remote locations without the need for external power sources

A perfect solution for unused sites – Unused areas can be magnetic for criminal activity. With the introduction of our CCTV towers, many can be placed and used as a deterrent.

Can see in the dark – Our infrared sensors means that criminals can’t hide at night


We are one of the United Kingdom’s leading security providers and we are well renowned for our quality of service in this sector. We have a long list of happy clients that we have worked with over the years. Our CCTV towers are one of our core security solutions and we know they are hugely beneficial for our clients. If you have any questions about security services or our CCTV towers then please get in touch with our Location team today. We know that we can make a difference to the security of your business in Location. Contact a member of our Location team today or fill out a contact form below.

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