This information sets out the Company’s approach to the responsibilities it has for its staff, its partners and clients, consumers and for the community and environment in which it operates. It provides an overview of our corporate responsibilities, some of which are detailed in other documents.

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We recognise the unique and important
contribution made by every individual
person with whom we involve ourselves,
to our work, to their own organisations
and to the wider community.

We welcome human diversity in all its forms and see diversity as
fundamental in all our dealings with clients, partners, associates and
the wider community. We accept responsibility for caring for our staff,
providing them with meaningful employment, with the opportunity to
provide for themselves and their families and for ensuring, as far as we
can, their continuing health, safety and welfare in the workplace.

We recognise the need of our clients to a safe and secure environment
and regard their property, including intellectual property as being as
important as our own.

We recognise that we must contribute to maintaining and improving
the environment in which we operate through the application of our
Environmental Policy, our policy on Equality and Diversity and our
Health and Safety Policy. In addition, we regard as unacceptable the
employment of child labour and forced labour.

It is the aim of County Enforcement to ensure that its operations and
activities, in no way, adversely affects the environment. A commitment
to continually improve environmental performance, with a view to
reducing environmental impacts to levels not exceeding those
corresponding to economically viable applications of best available
practices and techniques, has been established by the Directors

We will deal with our business partners and employees in an honest
and honourable manner at all times.

Marc Mooney

Managing Director

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