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We are a security company trusted for providing event security services in Blackpool for a wide range of clients.

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Here at County, we provide a wide range of Event Security services in Blackpool. When holding an event, it is important to instruct an Event Security company to provide you with a Level of Event Security that your customers will appreciate and the main goal is to keep everyone safe, instructing County with your Event Security will ensure those points are covered.

County have a highly trained Event Security management team who are on hand from day one to assist with your Event Security requirements. We provide our Event Security & Crowd Management services for a wide range of clients. Large Outdoor Music Events, Trade Shows, Private Parties & Sporting Events.

What can County provide to help with your Event Security?

  • NVQ L4 Safety Officers
  • Highly Trained Event Response Officers
  • Event Security Operatives
  • NVQ Qualified Stewards
  • Registered Medical Teams & Vehicles
  • Logistic Support
  • Pre-Event Planning support services
  • Search Dogs
  • Security Dogs
  • Qualified Security Search Teams

Teamwork is key for our event security personnel. Being a well coordinated team is why we are so successful at dealing with larger groups. Our event security will form searches for prohibited or illegal items, stopping them from entering the premises. This will significantly lower the chance of volatile situations through the use of substances or weaponry at events. Our event security team also understand the need to be friendly to event-goers, making sure attendants feel as welcome as possible, whilst keeping them safe.

Our event security teams have a keen eye for detail and are extremely intuitive, especially when managing a crowd. This eye for detail is useful for a number of reasons, especially in volatile situations. Examples would be using voice communications to label individuals involved in the incident through coding methods. Event security responds rapidly to those coding methods, nullifying the possibility of a potential threat progressing.

Our event security Blackpool also understand the need to be friendly to event-goers, making sure attendants feel as welcome as possible, whilst keeping them safe.

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County provide our Event Security & Crowd Management services nationwide, providing you with your dedicated Event Security manager throughout the planning and delivery of the event.


We only deploy highly qualified and trained staff to any event. Event Security is a priority of County and keeping people safe at Events is what we do.


Within our Event Security Crowd Management Services there are many services that we can deliver. Your dedicated Event Security manager will ensure that all parts of your Event Security is met in the prior event planning meetings.

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