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This is a common question for any security firm to receive. The answer will vary based on a number of factors including event type, size, location, demographic and whether or not alcohol will be present. The variables for each event can be substantial and no single event will be the same. Taking these things into consideration is an essential aspect to a successful security service.

The information in this post is general. To find out the exact number of security guards that your event will require, please contact us so that we can discuss your event in greater detail. County are providers of security services of the highest regard. Our well renowned solutions ensure that criminal activity is nullified. Our security services expand across a number of industries, such as, but not limited to, commercial sectors, construction and events. Be sure to contact our dedicated team to find out what solutions we can provide for you.

Why Hire Security for an Event?

Whatever the purpose of your event, your main objectives should be to keep yourself and guests safe and ensure that everything runs smoothly. Hiring security will ensure that you prevent unwanted guests, maintain crowd control, deter crime and theft, meet venue requirements and keep your guests safe and secure.

Types of Security for an Event

There are numerous types of security that you can have at your event, including:

  • Bodyguards – the best option for specialised, personal protection.
  • Crowd control – the best option for outdoor events, festivals and concerts.
  • Gatekeepers – also a great option for outdoor events. Gatekeepers can be positioned near entrances and exits, as well as around barriers and stages within venues.
  • Mobile patrol unit – ideal for mobile protection that guards against theft and vandalism if your event takes place across a large space. These officers can also manage traffic and parking queries.

Rule Of Thumb

Although this information is specific to licensed events, it is also a fantastic guide and/or starting point for figuring out how many guards will be required at unlicensed events, functions and parties. Contacting your local council will be a great step in understanding just how much security you will need for events in certain areas. There are many variables that will be taken into consideration by your council, many involving the type of event, whether alcohol is present and the number of attendants, along with further information.

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