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Complete Cover With Our Mobile Patrols In bangor

County are specialists in providing mobile patrols in bangor for all of your security needs. By utilising County you are ensuring that you have SIA licensed mobile patrols with expert knowledge and experience in operating within the commercial property sector in bangor. Our mobile patrols in bangor are provided at a fixed fee competitive rate, so you can be sure that whatever your budget, your property will remain secure.

Our mobile patrols cover multiple areas, giving you one of the most versatile forms of security. Mobile patrol security is useful for a number of reasons allowing you to ensure protection across different areas or around a large area/site. We can help ensure your business is covered by a mobile patrol at its most vulnerable hours, giving you peace of mind.

Deter Potential Criminal Activity With Our Mobile Patrols In bangor

Whether it’s patrolling the internal or external perimeter we can help to ensure no suspicious activity is occurring across the premises, such as items being moved or stolen, as well as doors being tampered with etc. Our highly and trained mobile patrol officers in bangor are extremely focused on ensuring complete protection for your clients. Using our mobile patrols in bangor, presence alone can play a huge factor in deterring potential criminal activity. Whether the activity is graffiti, vandalises or thieves, using mobile patrol will intimidate those seeking to harm your business in bangor.

The combination of a vehicle patrolling the outer perimeter of a building, as well as a security guard roaming indoors will decrease the potential of criminal activity tenfold. Using our mobile patrol in bangor, you gain a vehicle with numerous stickers and notices that include our brand and ‘security’ themed throughout. This deterring vehicle, as well our highly trained SIA licensed guards, can be a recipe for exceptional security.

Benefits Of Mobile Patrols


Cover your sector in bangor with both exterior and interior patrols, offering complete security.


Mobile patrols offer cover to a wide varient of criminal activity. From vandalism to thieves, we minimise potential threats.


With use of our branded vehicles and highly trained mobile patrol officers, we can deter potential criminals before further action commences.

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