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Search And Detection Dogs For Your Sector In gravesend

County are specialists in providing search and detection dogs in gravesend for all of your security needs. By utilising County you are ensuring that you have SIA licensed security dog handlers with expert knowledge and experience in operating within the commercial property sectors in gravesend. Our search dog services are provided at a fixed fee competitive rate, so you can be sure that whatever your budget, your property in gravesend will remain secure.

Search dogs, also known as ‘sniffer dogs’ are associated with a high sense of smell to locate specific items or substances. A search dog is trained to not only locate, but also taught to alert the dog handler to any banned substances. By doing so, search and detection dogs in gravesend are highly beneficial for a number of sectors, ensuring a whole new level of security.

Benefits Of Search And Detection Dogs

Search and detection dogs in gravesend are useful and offer a unique perspective when used for security purposes. As humans, we perceive life predominantly through sight, whereas dogs rely on their sense of smell to interpret their environment. A search and detection dog’s sense of smell can be up to forty times greater than the average human, opening up opportunities for searching and tracking, further securing your sector in gravesend. Not only this, but security dogs have better hearing, often locking onto sounds from a greater distance.

Commonly used to locate and find specific items or substances, search and detection dogs are useful in niche scenarios. We work with our clients in gravesend to ensure they receive the best search dog or detection dog based on their criteria. This can include drug, explosive as well as pyrotechnic detection. Our search and detection dogs in gravesend vary in breeds, maximising their potential for set scenarios. Whether your sector in gravesend requires sniffer dogs or a deterring and intimidating canine, our search and detection dogs in gravesend are a great option.

Duties Of Search And Detection Dogs


The primary role of a search and detection dog is to pin down the scent of prohibited items or substances.


The presence of a search and detection dog can deter potential criminal activity.


With our canines heightened sense of smell and hearing, we can offer you a better range of security, along with a unique method.

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