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Are you looking to improve your security? Would your business in Sevenoaks, benefit from the presence of a security dog? County are security specialists and provide security guard dogs that will help keep your site protected. Our expert security dog handlers are highly trained, experienced within the field and are ISA licensed. They will operate within the commercial or residential sector and ensure your property stays protected. All our security dog services are provided at a fixed competitive rate. If our security dog service sounds like it could be beneficial to you and your business in Sevenoaks then get in touch with our Sevenoaks team today. You can call us on 01355906300 or fill in a contact form.

Benefits of Security Dogs

Our highly skilled dog handlers and security dogs go through rigorous training and are constantly developing their skill set and bound. As you can imagine many wouldn’t act in a criminal manner when faced with highly trained security dogs. Our research shows that when security is placed within a business it decreases the chances of criminal activity. With the added security of a trained guard dog, this would decrease the chances even further. When it comes to security we tend to rely on what we can see, but our security dogs provide us with something very useful: their sense of smell. Did you know a security dog’s sense of smell can be up to forty times greater than the average human? This combined with their amazing hearing range it’s easy to see why they are a formidable and valuable asset to have.

Security Dogs Training

Our security dogs go through years of training. This includes protecting their handler and alerting them to different sounds and smells. When guarding your business based in Sevenoaks, our security dogs will potentially undertake roaming routes and patrol areas which often creates awareness of a canine being on hand, which can in turn, deter potential intruders or criminals.


We are one of the United Kingdom’s leading security providers, we are well renowned for our quality of service in this sector. We have many years of experience and plenty of happy clients that we have worked with over the years. Being involved in a highly competitive industry we know that a lot is expected of us, hence why our security dogs are some of the best in the business. If you have any questions about security services or our security dogs then please get in touch with our Sevenoaks team today. We know that we can make a difference to your business in Sevenoaks. Contact a member of our Sevenoaks team today or fill out a contact form below.


Utilising security dogs in Sevenoaks is a highly effective deterrent to guard against intruders, keep crowds under control, or detain aggressive offenders. Security dogs are paired with a trained handler and together they form a formidable security presence. It is estimated that security dogs are 5 times more effective than a lone security guard. At County UK we provide NASDU qualified K9 Security Dog Handler teams available in Sevenoaks who are able to work at a range of premises and events. This offers an effective visual deterrent, as many offenders are put off simply by the sight of a K9 security dog and their handler.

Ultimately, if your event/organisation in Sevenoaks requires security dogs it will work out more cost-effective to hire the correct resources than just security guards alone. While the initial hourly cost of a dog handler is greater than just a security guard, security dogs help to deter criminals which in itself reduces the amount of work required. Think of the insurance excess, loss of contracts through deadlines and targets failing to be met, and the boosted staff and client morale of having the calming presence of security dogs. It is also worth bearing in mind that a security dog and their handler will arrive with their own specially designed transport, thus making them more mobile.

No, it will more likely have the opposite effect! We provide uniforms to suit the occasion, whether we are wearing black jumpsuits or business suits. Our services are based on being professional, not intimidating. Criminals will rethink their intent when faced with polite and professional dog units in Sevenoaks. And customers will feel reassured that they are in a secure venue with dogs and handlers on hand for their protection.

No, you and your staff can rest assured that this won’t happen. All of our security dogs in Sevenoaks and their handlers are professionally trained by our in-house training staff who have proven experience in this type of work. Further, our dogs are all assessed and must meet our stringent character tests before we permit them to go through training or to any jobs. Only those dogs good enough will be passed as competent. Also, our dogs are always under the control of their handlers when they are on duty.

No, it is best practice for security dogs in Sevenoaks to be involved at the earliest possible opportunity because it works best as a deterrent. Criminals will be put off in the first place by the presence of security dogs in Sevenoaks, to stop things getting out of hand later down the line. Remember that in today’s world even our Police Officers are stretched and a fast response from them even if 999 is activated is not guaranteed, therefore it is essential to protect one’s assets, whether persons or property, from the outset.

Security Dogs duties


Whether on the open terrain or patrol, our security dogs will be great at detecting potential security risks.


With the combination of a dog handler and security dog, you can be certain they will be a great deterrent for criminal activity.


With our canines heightened sense of smell and hearing, we can offer you a better range of security.

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