Bomb and Explosive Detection Dogs Kent.


Bomb and Explosives Detection Dogs Kent.

County Security have a wealth of Bomb Dogs Kent we can provide to clients across the UK. Our highly trained Bomb Dog teams in Kent cover the search for explosives, bombs and pyrotechnics, with other search and detection dogs available for narcotics identification. Whatever your Bomb Dog Kent requirements, County Security have a solution.

Our Highly trained Bomb Dogs Kent, also known as Explosive Detection Dogs, are trained and licenced in accordance with the NASDU Standards and comply with BS8517-2 standards.

Our Ex-Police & Military training team ensure that our Bomb Dogs and handlers are trained to the very highest standards. Our Bomb Dogs Kent are deployed to a wide range of clients: Education Sector, Public Sector, NHS & Medical Services, Sporting Events, Music Venues, Construction Industry and many more.

Bomb Dogs Kent are useful and offer a unique perspective when used for security purposes. As humans, we perceive life predominantly through sight, whereas dogs rely on their sense of smell to interpret their environment. A Bomb Dog’s sense of smell is estimated to be between 10,000 and 100,000 times greater than the average human, opening up opportunities for searching and detection. Not only this, but Bomb Dogs Kent have better hearing, often locking onto sounds from a greater distance.

Commonly used to locate and find specific items or substances, Bomb Dogs Kent are useful in niche scenarios. We work with our clients to ensure they receive the best Bomb Dog Kent or Explosive Detection Dog based on their criteria. This can include pyrotechnics as well as bomb detection. In addition to Bomb Dogs Kent, we also provide K9 security services which are a highly effective deterrent.

A Bomb Dog is not only trained to search and locate in Kent, but is also taught to alert the dog handler to any dangerous items.

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Bomb Dog Duties in Kent


Our Bomb Dogs Kent are trained to locate, Explosives, Pyrotechnics, Firearms, & Bombs.

Deterring Activity

It has been proven in recent studies that deploying Bomb Dogs to venues deters criminal activity as criminals are aware that a Bomb Dog Kent will identify the substance.

Service Delivery

County Security provide our Bomb Dogs across Kent and the UK for any assignment. We are able to deploy within 60 minutes from instruction to ensure your service requirement is met.

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    Bomb Dogs Kent FAQs

    Bomb-sniffing dogs, or bomb detection dogs, are selected by security forces when they’re still puppies. From there, these dogs will go through obedience training, responding immediately to a number of different commands, before they are trained to detect bombs in Kent.

    Handlers will develop a positive link between the scent of explosives and a reward, such as a treat, so these dogs find their work exciting and challenging. Bomb dogs Kent are trained to remain focused in crowded environments, such as airports or festivals, improving their accuracy when interacting with humans.

    Dogs are used for bomb threats in Kent through rigorous detection training that begins at the puppy stage. These dogs are taught to find the scent of explosives and alert upon detection. If a bomb threat has been made in Kent, detection dogs will be sent to the scene to sniff out any explosives before they cause harm. With a dog’s sense of smell up to 100,000 stronger than that of humans, they are perfect for detecting dangerous substances. 

    Bomb detection dogs Kent are utilised by many security industries such as police forces, the military and border control. Bomb detection dogs Kent can also be hired out with security companies, helping to secure your premises from the threat of explosives. If you are a frequent flyer, you will often see these dogs at airports, searching through luggage and assessing passengers. If you attend festivals, you will commonly see drug detection dogs, but some organisers may also request the service of bomb detection dogs Kent.

    Once a bomb dog Kent has detected the scent of explosives, they will alert the handler of their findings. Bomb detection dogs Kent are taught two kinds of alerts, a passive alert and an aggressive alert. Passive alerts are where the dog either sits down next to the odour source or locks in place and stares. Aggressive alerts consist of the dog pawing at the ground or at the item in question, without damaging personal property. When dealing with explosives, handlers will train their dogs to alert in a passive manner. 

    Handlers should easily spot when their bomb dog Kent has alerted to the presence of explosives, before dealing with the situation accordingly. 

    The accuracy of bomb detection dogs Kent has reached up to 100% in certain circumstances, with an average accuracy rating of between 60% and 85%. Bomb dogs Kent are trained to provide as accurate results as they can, but they do still make mistakes. 

    The accuracy of a bomb detection dog Kent may also depend on the relationship between the canine and the handler, and the dog’s level of skill. Older and more experienced dogs will detect explosives better than recent recruits, detecting even the faintest of odours. If a handler is used to dealing with a certain dog, they may miss alerts and allow explosives to slip through.

    The most common dog breeds used for bomb detection in Kent are German Shepherds, German Wirehaired Pointers, Labrador Retrievers, Belgian Malinois and Vizslas. These dogs will be assessed from birth and trained up to serve as bomb detection canines. 

    Bomb dogs Kent are trained to detect even the faintest odour of explosives, especially if they are being masked by another scent. These dogs may also be trained to detect narcotics and other illegal substances that can cause harm. They are trained by creating a positive link between the scent of explosives and a toy or treat, making them excited to search for the scents. 

    Dogs are used for detecting bombs and other explosives in Kent due to their heightened sense of smell compared to humans. A dog is believed to have a sense of smell up to 100,000 times stronger than us, making them perfect for detecting certain odours. Dogs, especially certain breeds, thrive in a mentally stimulating environment and have natural hunting, locating and detecting instincts.