Rapid Deployment Towers – CCTV Towers London hire


Rapid Deployment Towers – CCTV Towers London hire

County offers our clients the latest technology when it comes to our CCTV Towers London. Our standalone Rapid Deployment CCTV Towers London is a cost-effective solution to provide your sites with protection no matter how big or small.

Our CCTV Towers London are up to 75% cheaper than the usual Security Guard service, Our Wireless Rapid Deployment CCTV Towers London do not require power, are fully self-sufficient and automatically detect suspicious activity.

Why use our Rapid Deployment CCTV Towers London?

  • No Mains Power Required, Solar Powered
  • 24/7 365 Days Live monitoring Station
  • HD 360-degree PTZ Cameras
  • Loud PA Siren with live talk to site
  • Installed within 45 Minutes
  • Video Analytics software

Our CCTV Towers London have remote sensors which enable them to detect activity and record in real time. All of our cameras have the ability to pan, zoom, rotate and focus, meaning you are able to have eyes everywhere you need them. CCTV Towers London are highly effective when it comes to preventing crime, as not only do they capture footage of the situation, but are a visible and reliable deterrent of criminal activity.

The temporary CCTV Towers London that County provide are weatherproof, designed to withstand long periods of exposure and a variety of weather conditions. We can capture footage 24 hours a day as our cameras are also equipped with infrared vision, meaning that no criminal can hide in the dark.

County are able to offer our clients a unique solution with a temporary CCTV Tower London. These versatile towers communicate via the mobile network.

CCTV Tower London duties


CCTV is a highly optimal security solution for any business. Having security cameras set up gives you complete coverage of the premises.

24 hour

CCTV London provides the opportunity for complete 24 hour coverage, 7 days a week, giving you peace of mind that everything will be captured in detail.


The CCTV sector is constantly undergoing improvements. Training is ongoing so you can feel secure in the knowledge that our CCTV Operatives London are the best in the business.

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    CCTV Tower London FAQs

    The best place for CCTV Towers London are high-activity areas on your site or location, such as entrances and exits or areas with high-value goods. If your CCTV is being used for the protection of a building, first-floor windows are common entrances for trespassers. Place your CCTV where you believe criminal activity is most likely to occur, for the protection of you and your staff.

    CCTV Towers London are surveillance structures designed to monitor activity in the desired location. They protect your site from trespassers and theft, preventing damage or loss of possessions. They specialise in cutting edge surveillance technology and services and are completely powered by solar energy. CCTV Towers London can detect both small and large scale activity on-site, both internally and externally.

    Given the size of the structure, planning permission would be needed before a free-standing CCTV Tower London is implemented. However, if your CCTV Tower is being built on the side of your property, permission won’t be required from the local council. 

    Whilst planning permission can be objected by members of the public, if your CCTV Tower London complies with UK regulations then the public won’t have a case against it. Most law-abiding citizens won’t have an issue with additional CCTV in the area, but for those who do ensure your structure complies with any local rules or regulations.

    CCTV Tower London footage can be viewed by whoever has access to the control or surveillance room. If your CCTV footage is used against someone for criminal allegations or other purposes, the individual caught has the right to view the footage. They can do this by applying for a subject access request for the required data. This regulation is under the GDPR 2018 Data Protection Act.

    Investing in a CCTV Tower London wards off unwanted visitors on your property or site, protecting high-value possessions and preventing theft. If you are located in a high criminal activity area, CCTV Towers London are a deterrent for illegal activity and can identify trespassers. Criminal cases can be quickly solved with the assistance of CCTV footage, saving you time and money. CCTV Towers London can prevent damage or vandalism from being done to your property.

    CCTV Towers London are used for security purposes, protecting a certain area from criminal activity and preventing theft or damage to your property. Whether you’re looking to secure your construction site, car park or public property, CCTV Towers are the perfect security measure for preventing unwanted trespassers and vandals across London.

    Yes. County Security UK offers a CCTV Tower hire for those wanting to implement security measures across London. At 75% cheaper than the standard Security Guard hire, CCTV Towers London are ideal for the security of temporary sites. If your site isn’t located near a main power supply, there’s no need to worry. Our CCTV Towers London are powered entirely with solar energy, making them an environmentally-friendly choice.

    As with any other form of CCTV, CCTV Towers London require visible and clear signage before installation. Signs should be placed within the CCTV covered areas, so all who might be captured are visibly warned. CCTV warning signs can also be used as a deterrent, informing those who might take part in criminal activity that they are being recorded.

    The area CCTV Towers London cover all depends on the camera used, the sensor, and the resolution. Usually, CCTV cameras can detect activity up to 70 feet away, with some high-resolution PTZs (Pan Tilt Zoom cameras) covering a distance of up to 700 feet.

    County Security UK’s CCTV Towers London have a 360-degree complete cover ability, so no blind spots are missed. These cameras work 24/7 and are extremely weather-resistant, increasing the security of your site or property.