Rapid Deployment Towers – CCTV Towers nationwide hire

We are a security company that provides standalone rapid deployment CCTV Towers for use in a wide range of settings.


Rapid Deployment Towers – CCTV Towers nationwide hire

County offer our clients the latest technology when it comes to our CCTV Towers. Our standalone Rapid Deployment CCTV Towers are a cost-effective solution to provide your sites with protection no matter how big or small.

Our CCTV Towers are up to 75% cheaper than the usual Security Guard service, Our Wireless Rapid Deployment CCTV towers do not require power, are fully self-sufficient and automatically detect suspicious activity.

Why use our Rapid Deployment CCTV Towers?

  • No Mains Power Required, Solar Powered
  • 24/7 365 Days Live monitoring Station
  • HD 360-degree PTZ Cameras
  • Loud PA Siren with live talk to site
  • Installed within 45 Minutes
  • Video Analytics software

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Our CCTV Towers have remote sensors which enables them to detect activity and record in real time. All of our cameras have the ability to pan, zoom, rotate and focus, meaning you are able to have eyes everywhere you need them. CCTV Towers are highly effective when it comes to preventing crime, as not only do they capture footage of the situation, but are a visible and reliable deterrent of criminal activity.

The temporary CCTV towers that county provide are weatherproof, designed to withstand long periods of exposure and a variety of weather conditions. We can capture footage 24 hours a day as our cameras are also equipped with infrared vision, meaning that no criminal can hide in the dark.

County are able to offer our clients a unique solution with a temporary CCTV Tower. These versatile towers communicate via the mobile network.

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CCTV Tower duties


CCTV is a highly optimal security solution for any business. Having security cameras set up gives you complete coverage of the premises.

24 hour

CCTV provides the opportunity for complete 24 hour coverage, 7 days a week, giving you peace of mind that everything will be captured in detail.


The CCTV sector is constantly undergoing improvements. Training is ongoing so you can feel secure in the knowledge that our CCTV Operatives are the best in the business.

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