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County Security UK offers highly trained and experienced Dog Unit Security Kent to help protect your business. All of our security guard dog handlers are ISA licensed and will go the extra mile to make sure that your assets are protected. 

Our Dog Unit Security Kent operates within both commercial and residential settings and our prices are fixed at a competitive rate, giving you peace of mind that our services come at the right cost. Ready for any assignment, our Dog Unit Security Kent will meet your unique requirements. Our dogs are used to working for a range of reasons, including crowd control, construction site security, street patrols, guarding premises and more. 

Unwanted trespassers will be strongly deterred from the sight of our Dog Unit Security Kent. 

If our Dog Unit Security Kent sounds like it could benefit your business or property, then get in touch with us today by calling 01355906300 or filling in a form.

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    Training for our Dog Unit Security Kent

    Dog Unit Security Kent

    Training for our Dog Unit Security Kent

    We make sure that all of our security dogs go through years of vigorous training before becoming additional team members. This training has given our dogs the ability to protect their handler and alert them to different sounds and smells. When you choose our canine security services, our security dogs will take roaming routes around certain areas which creates an awareness of a dog being on hand, deterring potential intruders.

    Why is Dog Unit Security Kent useful?

    • Our dogs go through rigorous training 
    • Research into Dog Unit Security Kent shows that simply guarding a business decreases the chances of criminal activity
    • Dogs have a powerful sense of smell – 40x that of a human
    • Dogs also have an incredible hearing range
    • We reward and treat our dogs exceptionally well
    • Deters potential intruders by giving a visual deterrent 
    • A cost-effective security solution
    • Keeps a professional appearance of an organisation

    Why is Dog Unit Security Kent useful?

    Dog Unit Security Kent

    About us

    Dog Unit Security Kent

    About us

    We are one of the United Kingdom’s leading Dog Unit Security Dog Kent and are well renowned for our quality of service in this sector. We have many years of experience and hundreds of happy clients that we have worked with over the years. Being involved in a highly competitive industry we know that a lot is expected of us, hence why our Dog Unit Security Kent are some of the best in the business. 


    We know that we can make a difference to your business in Kent. If you have any questions about canine security Kent or our other security solutions then please get in touch with our Kent team today.


    Security dogs & handlers provide a highly effective deterrent. They can be used to guard against intruders, keep crowds under control, or detain aggressive offenders. Security dogs and their handlers form a formidable security presence together. It is estimated that security dogs are 5 times more effective than a lone security guard. At County UK we provide NASDU qualified canine Security Dog Handler teams available who are able to work at a range of premises and events. Our Dog Unit Security Kent provides an effective visual deterrent, as many offenders are put off simply by the sight of a canine security dog and their handler.

    No, it will more likely have the opposite effect! Canine security services kent provide uniforms to suit the occasion, whether we are wearing black jumpsuits or business suits. Our services are based on being professional, not intimidating. Criminals will rethink their intent when faced with polite and professional dog handlers. And customers will feel reassured that they are in a secure venue with dogs and handlers on hand for their protection.

    No, you and your staff can rest assured that this won’t happen. All of our security dogs and handlers are professionally trained by our in-house training staff, who have proven experience for our Dog Unit Security Kent. Further, our dogs are all assessed and must meet our stringent character tests before we permit them to go through training or to any jobs. Only those dogs good enough will be passed as competent. Also, our dogs are always under the control of their handlers when they are on duty.

    Renowned for their superior sense of smell, dogs have been used throughout history by humans for their sniffing prowess. To this day, they are still used for hunting rabbits and foxes, and they’ve also been deployed historically to help police track down persons who are either on the run or missing.

    These days, detection dogs are trained to identify a wide range of items and substances for security purposes. They are commonly used to detect: explosives, drugs, tobacco, firearms, money, human remains/human traces, and even invasive species.

    Unsurprisingly, detection dogs have absolutely no interest in the drugs themselves. What they are actually looking for is their favourite toy or treat, as the dog will receive a reward when it displays any form of recognition of the target scent. As the dog becomes better at detecting a certain smell, the reward will only be given when the dog responds with the correct reaction (e.g. sit, stand, stare, down, bark, etc…).


    Remember that if a detection dog is sniffing near you, it is just looking for its toy and wanting to be a good dog. The dog will not attack or hurt the person, as it is not trained to give this response.