Event Security, Crowd Management & Rapid Response

County are specialists in event security services for all of your security needs. By utilising County you are ensuring that you have experts with heaps of experience in operating within the events sector. Our event security methods are provided at a fixed fee competitive rate, so you can be sure that whatever your budget, your event will remain secure.

The management of large groups of people calls for the professionals. Event security is a true strength of County, with our security being extremely knowledgeable and trained to deal with situations that involve a wide number of attendants. Event security can be issued for a number of reasons, such as festivals and shows. The amount of experience our event security brings to the table is paramount to their success, making County one of the most renowned names in the industry.

Teamwork is key for our event security personnel. Being a well coordinated team is why we are so successful at dealing with larger groups. Our event security will form searches for prohibited or illegal items, stopping them from entering the premises. This will significantly lower the chance of volatile situations through the use of substances or weaponry at events. Our event security team also understand the need to be friendly to event-goers, making sure attendants feel as welcome as possible, whilst keeping them safe. 

Our event security teams have a keen eye for detail and are extremely intuitive, especially when managing a crowd. This eye for detail is useful for a number of reasons, especially in volatile situations. Examples would be using voice communications to label individuals involved in the incident through coding methods. Event security responds rapidly to those coding methods, nullifying the possibility of a potential threat progressing.

Void Property Duties

Crowd Management

 Our event security are experts in crowd management no matter the size. Our security teams coordinate with each other to ensure the best positive outcome to any situation.

Rapid Response

Our event security teams aim to nullify a situation before it becomes a potential threat as quickly and as safely as possible.

Eye For Detail

With a keen eye for detail, our event security staff are able to identify potential threats or suspicious individuals and act accordingly.


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