Explosives, Drugs, Weapons & Cash Detection Dogs London.

Explosives, Drugs, Weapons & Cash Detection Dogs Kent.

Our trusted explosive detection dogs Kent, have been all across the UK, helping to search for all different types of drugs. Our bomb dogs are quick and effective solutions for detecting explosives, even in crowds of many people. As well as offering bomb dogs Kent as one of our services, Our detection dogs will also be able to help you search for drugs, cash, tobacco and firearms. Whatever your needs are, our dogs and their handlers will happily help you out.

How well are your explosive detection dogs Kent trained?

We take pride in our bomb dogs and train them thoroughly before they go out into the world and help potentially save lives all over the UK. Our Highly trained explosive detection Dogs Kent (also known as Sniffer Dogs) are trained and licenced in accordance with the NASDU Standards and comply to BS8517-2 standards. We take pride in our explosive detection dogs so much that we have an x-police and military team to ensure our bomb dogs Kent are trained to the highest standard, ready for whatever your needs may be.

Explosives, Drugs, Weapons & Cash Detection Dogs London.


Explosives, drugs, Weapons & Cash Detection Dogs London.


Our explosive detection dogs Kent are trained for every circumstance

Because our explosive detection dogs Kent are trained for many different types of occasions, we have had an array of clients in different sectors asking for our assistance. We understand that explosives are life-threatening and need to be detected as quickly and efficiently as possible, which is why we make sure that all our explosive detection dogs are mentally and physically fit before they get on with their daily job! All of our explosive detection dogs Kent are pros that can handle just about any situation.

What other security services do you do?

If you are looking for other security specialist services, we also offer security guards, security dogs, mobile patrols, search and detection dogs, fire marshalls, key holding and alarm response, temporary alarm and CCTV systems, void property, CCTV towers, event security.

Explosives, Drugs, Weapons & Cash Detection Dogs London.


Explosives, Drugs, Weapons & Cash Detection Dogs London.


An explosive detection dog’s scent is unbeatable

As humans, we rely on our sight, which isn’t so helpful when life-threatening substances are hidden. This is why explosive detection dogs Kent are so important, not only as a man’s best friend but also to ensure everyone’s health isn’t at risk. A bomb dog’s Kent sense of smell can detect many different particular scents due to their highly advanced olfactory system. As a result, this makes them perfect for detection in highly charged and confusing environments, where there are endless possibilities of where a particular explosive could be hidden. A bomb dog possesses up to 300 million olfactory receptors in their noses compared to humans that only have 6 million. This combined with the dog’s calculated brain is able to detect even the faintest scents.

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    Detection Dogs Kent FAQs

    Once a detection dog Kent has identified the scent of explosives, they will alert the handler of their findings. Explosive detection dogs Kent are taught two kinds of alerts, a passive alert and an aggressive alert. Passive alerts are where the dog either sits down next to the odour source or locks in place and stares. Aggressive alerts consist of the dog pawing at the ground or at the item in question, without damaging personal property. 

    When dealing with explosives, handlers will train their dogs to alert in a passive manner, as aggressive alerts could be dangerous. Handlers should easily spot when their explosive detection dog has alerted to the presence of explosives, before dealing with the situation in Kent.

    Dogs are used for threats from explosives in Kent through rigorous detection training that begins at the puppy stage. These dogs are taught to find the scent of explosives and alert once that odour has been identified. If a bomb threat has been made in Kent, or someone has reported a potential presence of explosives, detection dogs Kent will be sent to the scene to sniff out any explosives before they cause harm. With a dog’s scent of smell up to 100,000 stronger than that of humans, they are perfect for detecting dangerous substances. 

    Detection dogs Kent are extremely useful when it comes to identifying explosives, which is why they are frequently used across many industries such as the police force, the military and border control. They accurately and efficiently prevent bomb threats and explosives from making their way into the UK, both of which could potentially harm hundreds or even thousands of UK citizens. 

    Explosive detection dogs Kent can be up to 100% reliable when it comes to detecting certain odours but mostly detect between 60% and 85% of explosives. Whilst they are highly trained and skilled in their work, detection dogs Kent do still make mistakes and can’t be relied on 100% of the time. 

    The reliability of an explosive detection dog Kent may also depend on its level of experience, with older dogs more skilled in detection than recently trained canines. The relationship between a detection dog and its handler may also impact its reliability, especially if a handler can’t recognise an alert.

    The most common dog breeds used to detect explosives in Kent are German Shepherds, German Wirehaired Pointers, Labrador Retrievers, Belgian Malinois and Vizslas. These dogs will be assessed from birth and trained up to serve as explosive detection canines. 

    Canines are used for the detection of explosives in Kent due to their sense of smell, which is believed to be up to 100,000 times stronger than humans. This immense ability has been utilised by security industries, training dogs to detect the faintest of odours in order to protect the general public. It is in a dog’s nature to hunt, search and detect, which is why they thrive in mentally stimulating environments such as drug detection. 

    Police forces, the military and border control are just some of the industries that utilise the skills of explosive detection dogs Kent. Security companies may also have their own team of detection dogs that can be hired out when needed, protecting certain premises from the threat of explosives. 

    Airport security will often have their own explosive detection dogs, trained to detect illegal substances on passengers or in their belongings. Festivals will also have detection dogs Kent located in entryways, whilst these dogs will often be searching for drugs, explosive detection dogs Kent may also be hired as a precaution.

    Explosives detection dogs Kent can also be referred to as: 

    • Bomb Detection Dogs
    • Sniffer Dogs
    • Bomb Dogs
    • Detection Dogs