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Security Dogs Highly Trained To NASDU Standards

We are specialists in deploying trained and accredited K9 security dogs for all purposes. K9 security is a highly effective form of controlling crowds and is used by a wide range of clients. Some of which are: Void & Vacant Property, Construction Sites, Education Sector, Residential Street Patrols, Public Sector, Events & Councils.

By Utilising our NASDU Qualified K9 security dogs & handlers you are ensuring that you have a fully trained security dog team with expert knowledge to meet your requirements. K9 security is provided at a fixed fee competitive rate within the market for the level of security that you need. So you can be sure that whatever your budget, County have a K9 security solution to cater to your requirements.

K9 security is highly useful for any site requirements and provides a unique perspective when used for Security purposes. As humans, we perceive life predominantly through sight, whereas dogs use their sense of smell to locate and pick up on signals. Did you know that a Security dogs’ sense of smell is up to forty time greater than the average human’s? This coupled with their incredible sense of hearing makes our K9 security the perfect solution to secure your assets. They offer a different level of protection and deterrent than a lone security guard.

Our K9 Security dogs and handler undergo NASDU training before being deployed to any sites. When using our K9 security services, you can be sure that all of our handlers are NASDU qualified with a fully licenced security dog. All of our security dog teams meet BS8517-1 Standards. Whether you require lone security guards or k9 handlers, you can rest assured that with County you’ll be provided with a highly trained professional.

K9 security is most commonly used to guard premises and larger open spaces from potential intruders.

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K9 Security Duties


Whether it’s open spaces or patrolling premises, K9 security dogs lock onto and locate potential criminal activities through smell and hearing.

Deterring potential

The presence of K9 security can refrain a criminal from taking action. Especially when paired with a highly trained dog handler.

Offer a
unique aid

A dogs heightened sense of smell and hearing offers a new dimension to your security setup, to protect customers and staff safe.

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    K9 Security FAQs

    Utilising K9 security is a highly effective deterrent to guard against intruders, keep crowds under control, or detain aggressive offenders. Security dogs are paired with a trained handler and together they form a formidable security presence. It is estimated that K9 security dogs are 5 times more effective than a lone security guard. At County UK we provide NASDU qualified K9 Security Dog Handler teams who are able to work at a range of premises and events. This offers an effective visual deterrent, as many offenders are put off simply by the sight of a K9 security dog and their handler.

    Ultimately, if your event/organisation requires K9 security it will work out more cost-effective to hire dog handlers than just security guards alone. Although the initial hourly cost of a dog handler is greater than just a security guard, K9 security helps to deter criminals which in itself reduces the amount of work required. Think of the insurance excess, loss of contracts through deadlines and targets failing to be met, and the boosted staff and client morale of having the calming presence of K9 security. It is also worth bearing in mind that a security dog and their handler will arrive with their own specially designed transport, thus making them more mobile.

    No, it will more likely have the opposite effect! We provide uniforms to suit the occasion, whether we are wearing black jumpsuits or business suits. Our services are based on being professional, not intimidating. Criminals will rethink their intent when faced with polite and professional K9 dog units. And customers will feel reassured that they are in a secure location with dogs and handlers on hand for their protection.

    No. All of our K9 security dogs and handlers are professionally trained by our in-house training staff who have proven experience in this type of work. Further, our dogs are all assessed and must meet our stringent character tests before we permit them to go through training or to any jobs. Only those dogs good enough will be passed as competent. Also, our dogs are always under the control of their handlers when they are on duty.

    No, it is best practice for K9 security to be involved at the earliest possible opportunity because it works best as a deterrent. Criminals will be put off in the first place by the presence of K9 security, to stop things getting out of hand later down the line. Remember that in today’s world even our Police Officers are stretched and a fast response from them even if 999 is activated is not guaranteed, therefore it is essential to protect one’s assets, whether persons or property, from the outset.