Security Dogs Highly Trained To NASDU Standards

Security Dogs Highly Trained To NASDU Standards

We are specialists in deploying trained and accredited Security Dogs nationwide, our Security Dogs are deployed to a wide range of clients some of which are, Void & Vacant Property, Construction Sites, Education Sector, Residential Street Patrols, Public Sector, Events & Councils.

By Utilising our NASDU Qualified Security Dogs & handlers you are ensuring that you have a fully trained security dog team with expert knowledge to meet your requirements. Our Security Dogs are provided at a fixed fee competitive within the market for the level of Security Dog team you will have deployed on your site, so you can be sure that whatever your budget County have a security dog solution.

Security Dogs are highly useful for any site requirements and offer a unique perspective when used for Security purposes, as humans, we perceive life predominantly through sight, whereas dogs use their sense of smell to locate and pickup. Did you know that a Security dogs’ sense of smell is up to forty time greater than the average human? This coupled with their incredible sense of hearing makes our Security Dogs the perfect solution to secure your assets.

Our Security Dogs and handler undergo NASDU training before being deployed to any sites. When using our Security Dogs, you can be sure that all of our handlers are NASDU qualified with a fully licenced Security Dog. All of our Security Dog teams meet BS8517-1 Standards.

Security dogs are most commonly used to guard premises and larger open spaces from potential intruders.

Security dog duties


Whether it’s open spaces or patrolling a premises, a security guard dog’s senses are great at locking onto and locating potential criminal activities through smell and hearing.

Deterring potential

The presence of a security dog can refrain a criminal from acting. Especially when paired with a highly trained dog handler.

Offer a
unique aid

Their heightened sense of smell and hearing offer a new dimension to your security set up.

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