Are you in need of a temporary CCTV solution? County are specialists in providing industry leading security services for all your security needs. By utilising County, you are trusting the experts to install your temporary CCTV and Alarm system. Our protection methods are provided at a fixed fee competitive rate, so you can be sure that whatever your budget, we will find an appropriate solution.


CCTV Towers

County are able to offer our clients a unique solution with a temporary CCTV Tower. These are versatile towers that communicate via the mobile network. The solution is scalable, allowing for many CCTV towers at once, which provides coverage across large sites and expanses.

Our CCTV Towers have remote sensors which enables them to detect activity and record in real time. All of our cameras have the ability to pan, zoom, rotate and focus, meaning you are able to have eyes everywhere you need them. CCTV Towers are highly effective when it comes to preventing crime, as not only do they capture footage of the situation, but are a visible and reliable deterrent of criminal activity.

The temporary CCTV towers that county provide are weatherproof, designed to withstand long periods of exposure and a variety of weather conditions. We can capture footage 24 hours a day as our cameras are also equipped with infrared vision, meaning that no criminal can hide in the dark.


Wireless Alarm Systems

If you’re in need of a wireless alarm system, then at County, we can provide you with a visual verification alarm system. Every time the alarm system is set off, it comes with a visual confirmation of a situation, meaning that there is less margin of error for false alarms.

If you have an area that a standard CCTV system is unable to capture, e.g. areas where there is no power, our wireless alarm systems are battery powered, which means they can easily be installed almost anywhere. Once the alarm has been triggered, a visual will be given to the control room where operators can verify the intrusion and take steps in accordance to the situation.

CCTV & Alarm Duties

Catch Criminals in the Dark

With our CCTV tower’s infrared vision, we make sure you have coverage 24 hours a day so no activity will go unseen even in the dark.


If you’re looking for a security solution that’s scalable, having multiple CCTV towers can give you a large range of coverage.

Visual Verification, No False Alarms

Our wireless alarm systems mean you can have cameras that cover those hard to reach areas.


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