Vacant or Void
No Problem

We are a security company trusted for ensuring vacant and void properties remain safe and secure.


Vacant or Void
No Problem

Our Void Property Division plays a major part of ensuring that your Void/Vacant Property is secured correctly ensuring that you do not become victim of Squatter’s or any unwanted criminal activity.

County provide a wide range of Services for the Void/Vacant Property market all available on Short or Long term contracts. We have over 30 Years of experience within the Void & Vacant Property market with our client base being, Solicitors, Property Developers, Public Sector & Education Services.

Installing Security Sheeting and Security Doors to your Void & Vacant property is a cost-effective way to ensure that people do not enter, not only to stop any criminal activity but also to ensure that no accidents happen whilst on site.

Our Void & Vacant Property services are available nationwide with 99% of requests being delivered within 48 Hrs of instruction. Our Security sheeting can be removed when you are ready to start the works on your Void & Vacant Property. It complies with most insurance requests and utilising one of our Temporary CCTV & alarm Systems within the building will provide another level of protection.

The sight of a security door on a vacant property can instantly dishearten potential threats to the building, limiting access or potential break-ins

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Void property duties


Our Void & Vacant Property Services are available nationwide ensuring your asset is protected by one of our Void Property services.

Deterring Potential Activity

Ensuring that your Void or Vacant property is secured effectively will be a huge deterrent to anyone trying to gain access to the site, utilising these services will reduce the risk to yourself.


Our Void & Vacant Property services are designed around each and every building and built on what you are wanting to achieve. Your dedicated contracts manager will be able to offer you a wide range of options to secure your Void & Vacant Property.

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