Vacant or Void Property? No Problem

Do you have a vacant or void property? County are specialists in providing industry leading security services for all of your security needs. By utilising County you are ensuring that you have experts with heaps of experience in operating within the commercial property sector. Our protection methods are provided at a fixed fee competitive rate, so you can be sure that whatever your budget, your property will remain secure.

A vacant property can be a magnet for criminal activity, causing unnecessary stress for the owner of the building. During a property’s vacant period, the building will be at its most vulnerable for fly-tippers, destructive vandalism, thieves and squatters. With the aid of County, these forms of unwelcome access to your vacant property can instantly come to a halt with our void property solutions. Through the use of sturdy materials and expert installation by highly trained tradesmen, we use security doors and sheets on our void properties to ensure an extremely solid form of protection.

Security doors, create a strong barricade at the key entry points of any void property. A security door on your vacant property will provide the sturdiness needed to endure attempted tampering, as well as harsh weather conditions. The sight of a security door on a vacant property can instantly dishearten potential threats to the building, limiting access or potential break-ins. Furthermore, a County label will also cover the door. These two features in combination are a great repeller, letting potential criminals know the building is secured by a well renowned firm.

County will also provide sheeting across other access points of the void property, such as upper and lower windows. These sheets will be expertly installed by our knowledgeable craftsmen. Alongside our security doors, this further ensures a solid barricade to repel those attempting to enter the vacant property.

Void Property Duties


Our security doors are expertly installed and made from sturdy metals, creating a solid barricade that wont be breached.

No Entry

Our forms of barricade for your void property ensure there is no form of entry for unwanted people.

Cover During Vulnerability

Your void property will no longer be at its most vulnerable to tampering with our security doors and sheets.


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