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Since the dawn of time, there have always been threats to security that manifest in many different ways. As long as there is something that needs to be protected, it goes without saying that there is something that you are protecting it from. 

Physical security threats used to be the most prevalent threats because that was all society was accustomed too. But thanks to rapid global growth and advancement there is now a wide array of security threats that people have to take into account, including cyberthreats. On the contrary, the physical types of security risks are still of the most common throughout a number of industries. 

County are providers of security services of the highest regard. Our well renowned solutions ensure that criminal activity is nullified. Our security services expand across a number of industries, such as, but not limited to, commercial sectors, construction and events. Be sure to contact our dedicated team to find out what solutions we can provide for you.


Theft & Burglary

Being so alike in their aspects and the damage they can cause, we paired these security risks due to their relation. Theft and burglary are two of the most common types of security risks, and they are some of the most common risks to protect against. Most of the time, having a manned security guard present in a commercial setting, will help to deter this. Not only are security guards trained to spot suspicious activity, but also trained on how to deal with a volatile situation.

CCTV is also a great solution to the security risk of theft or burglary. Having the ability to cover multiple angles, CCTV operatives are also trained to spot suspicious activity. An Operative’s benefits lie in having vision of a number of places at the same time. Their information is vital within larger settings, when identifying individuals when dealing with a situation.



Vandalism is defined as any activity that involves the deliberate destruction, damage, or defacement of public or private property. Not only does vandalism destroy physical measures, but it also takes a toll on many of the resources that require hefty investments of time and money. The security risk of vandalism can be as expensive as any form of theft, due to the costs of replacing and renewing the vandalised setting.



Though usually an aspect not associated with the average shopping trip, assault can happen at any given moment. Assaults can stem from interactions with friends, neighbours, significant others, or even disgruntled co-workers. Interaction is a large aspect of assault and will almost always occur at some point before a physical act, regardless of how small. Due to these acts of interaction, it is possible for security guards to find the route of a problem before physicality proceeds from either party. 

For further information on the security services that County can provide for your sector, please contact our dedicated team

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