Who Needs Security Services?

Date:29 April, 2020
Written by : Admin

Small businesses are not exempt from crimes that take place on their premises.

Having a trained security personnel safeguarding your facility can prove to be a big benefit for your business as it actively prevents vandalism, theft and common misbehaviour from occurring, creating a safer place for everyone to be in and around. Small businesses are not exempt from crimes that take place on their premises.

Some businesses, such as convenience stores, retail outlets and banks, are prime targets for theft, but any business can be the victim of illegal activity. Sporting events, festivals or any occasion where a large number of people gather are also subject to disorder and lawlessness, particularly when alcohol is present, unfortunately.

Employing the services of a reputable, licensed security agency like County can help offset the potential for loss and ensure public safety. But how does a small business know when it should hire such a company? What signs point to the need for protection?

County are providers of security services of the highest regard. Our well renowned solutions ensure that criminal activity is nullified. Our security services expand across a number of industries, such as, but not limited to, commercial sectors, construction and events. Be sure to contact our dedicated team to find out what solutions we can provide for you.

Security Services For Construction

Construction sites can be dangerous places. There are different types of risks that come with construction sites: safety risks, health risks and even the risk of theft or criminal damage. Accidents and mishaps can easily happen. If you run a construction site, you are responsible for the safety of your employees, as well as responsible for the machinery onsite. Hiring a security guard can help in the day-to-day managing of the site, as well as looking out for the safety of your workforce.

It is usually a common theme for only known personnel to have access to a construction site. By restricting who is allowed onsite, you reduce the likelihood of theft, vandalism or squatting. Construction sites are typically busy places and due to the risks involved, it is beneficial to hire a dedicated security guard to monitor who comes on and off site.

Security Services For Retail

Given the amount of money that’s at stake, store owners should regularly evaluate the effectiveness of their policies and security systems and update them as needed. Fortunately, security technology is constantly improving, and some options that were out of reach a few years ago are more affordable now, like our CCTV security services at County.

In retail, protecting stock against theft and damage has become crucial. The growth of various retailing formats, stocking a range of categories across smaller, high-value items has meant that security has become a major imperative for retailers. Our security solutions will protect hard-earned profits by reducing loss of inventory, as well as improve the safety of the employees and customers.

For further information on the security services that County can provide for your sector, please contact our dedicated team.

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